• A character in Pirates Online
  • Level 50, all weapons mastered
  • King of Italy
  • Owner and Founder of SCDB, Shadow Isla, and SECS.
Shadow Green Shirt
Captain Shadow Sail is a thin man who has dark dark brown hair, many consider it back. With blue green eyes.

He is said to be the richest of all, with max gold, many many weapons people would kill for, and clothes people only dream of.

  • Shadow is level 50 but his "age" is 22 at the moment.
  • He became King of Italy at the age of only 16

Facts Edit

  • Shadow has a mansion on Shadow Isla
  • Shadow owns Shadow Isla
  • Shadow created Houses and Mansions for pirates
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  • Type: Character
  • Can be seen: Anywhere, any island
  • Level: 50
  • Known as: King Shadow Sail
  • Quests: TBA