• Only 20 years ago Captain William Kidd had lead the mutiny against his father, Walter Kidd. It was not 1691. He had killed all of the "loyal members" of his fathers ship.Will used to beg for scraps at Port Royal. Now, Kidd was a pirate, he now tortured buccaneers for cookin his meat too much (big difference). Lately Kidd had not been leaving his private office. Now he was launching his plan at last. A plan to kill the Governor of Port Royal. It took only a moment and his crew had arrived pouring from the beaches the pirates came shooting, slashing, killing Captain Kidd ran straight towards Fort Charles where the Governor was enetering. A duel ensued where William fought bodyguards who he quickly defeated, stabbing the first and shooting the second.

"Please..... don't kill me." The Governor was on his knees in fear.

Kidd smiled and pulled the trigger. Moments before the great earthquake ensued. The earthquake destroyed everything. Fort Charles crumbled in on itself and Kidd died. It wasn't heroic. He just died.

File:William Kidd.png
File:Kidds men.png

==Where Kidd is now==

Kidd is now buried somewhere deep in the ocean. Nobody knows where

File:Kidd in newfoundland.png

==Short Story==

Kidd was a very fiery fellow, he was known to shoot his own men. This is a picture of when he had his men bury a chest 7 times in a row. He then shot them for dropping it haflway across the island. One of them men survived but he was hunted down and Captain Kidd shot him.