Custom RanksEdit

There will be custom ranks in your guild example: Training/Punished, Private, Private First class, Corproral, Corporal First Gade, Seargent, Seargent 1,Seargent 2, Staff Seargent,Staff Seargent 2,Lietunant, Lietunant 1,Lietunant 2,Captain,Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer 1,Warrant Officer 2, Warrant Officer 3, Lietunant Major,Major,Lietunant Colonel,Colonel,Lietunant General [ one star Genera, ] Brigadier General [ 2 star General, ] 3 star General, 4 star General, 5 star general, Field Marshall, General Secetary of War,Vice President, First Lady/Man [ me likey, ] President

Guild WarsEdit

You can declare war on other guilds. When you declare war on guilds then you have battles. Instead of regular levels you have guild levels.

Guild MoneyEdit

You sometimes earn guild money which goes to the guild inventory. It can be used to buy stuff like guild islands and stuff in your guild island.

Guild islandsEdit

Your guild can buy a island where only the guild and invaders can enter. You go to the guild screen and select go to guild island or go to enemy guild's island or go to allied guild island. The guild have meetings there they by stuff they can even allow guests if another guild is negotiating. One person will be lookout if they see anything they ring the bell.

Guild AlliancesEdit

You can make a alliance with a guild. It will make the guilds in the alliance have alliance chat where you talk to everybody in the alliance. The alliance co. Gms and Gms are a part of the council of the alliance. They make the decisions. A alliance can pick there goverment. Republic and Democracy every body decides. Socilism there is one leader of the alliance. Also these can be used to make nations .

Guild ShipEdit

One of the ships of a guild of the Gm's choosing is upgraded with guild money. It will lead invasion fleets. There is also a ship for the alliance. The council decide all together.