Welcome! This is a You Decide Story! This is probably the first one of these ever created so yeah I'll do this.

Year : 17??


You are stuck on Tanatanaka for a night. Your ship has crashed. You now choose what to do.

Go to Section 1 if you choose to stay where you are.

Go to Section 2 if you choose to seek out civilzation.

Section 1Edit

I'll be much safer here. You think. Suddenly you hear a rustling behind you. Something grabs you and you are pulled into the bushes. You see the face of a young Tanatanakuhn Zel Kai Van warrior. He has black hair. You have no idea who he is. The warrior talks to you, " I am Jenovis Rassitor, come with me. " he says.

Go to Section 3.

Section 2Edit

You decide to seek out civilization. You don't see 3 wolves sneaking up behind you. They pounce on you and kill you.


To choose a new path, go back to the introduction.

Section 3Edit