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Boarding the Sopor Death

Jumbee Boss

Mortis Sopor Aboard Sopor Death

The Sopor Death is an British Trader class ship. It is permanent Flagship, roaming around Uncharted Waters. It's crew are all Jumbees, mainly Capitaines, Conquisadors, and Bounty Hunters. It's Captain is Jumbee Mortis Sopor.


  • Level 40
  • British Trader Class
  • 17 knots
  • 12 Broadside per side
  • Fires Long Range Explosive Broadsides and Long Range Fury from the deck guns


  • With the apperance of the Sopor Death, it is rumored a new island may come out. This is what is said: "Watchout for new places and new enemies under the rule of Blackbeard."
  • There has been an increase of sightings on the Queen Anne's Revenge at Tormenta. Could this have something to do with the " places and new enemies...?"