Syth was a skilled assassin. Legend has it that he slaughtered all of his victims like a merciless leader. He knew Jolly Roger before he became the Jolly he is today. Syth wasn't always an Undead Reaper like he is today. He was an assassin for governments that paid him and he would do the job really well. One of his targets was the witchdoctor that cursed Jolly in the first place. But before Syth could kill the witchdoctor, the witchdoctor turned him into the Undead Reaper he is today and the witchdoctor got away. But as a curse he's trapped on Isla Inferno and can't hurt any body there. Lately he's started to condemn pirates or EITC to the darkest places of Isla Inferno. Undead fear him so he stays at the top of the mountain above Isla Inferno. He waits and kills all pirates that come near him. Also a pirate witchdoctor came to the Island and came to his lair and spared him as long as he gave him back his ship, SS Diablo. And now is recruiting his crew members again!


He is a level 56 boss. Up to this date nobody has defeated him. He is alone above of the mountain and never gets out of his mountain. But recent days he has been seen captaining the SS Diablo, ghost ship that is around the Draken Seas


  • He has a Scyth that is used to slaughter his victims and uses undead blade to destory all who approach him
  • He gives out only legendary weapons. Nothing else he gives.
  • He is a deadly boss that nobody has defeated up to this date!

Other InfoEdit

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250px-Grim reaper-1--1- Syth is an Undead Reaper
Isla Inferno Pic Syth is a/an/the Undead Reaper Boss on Isla Inferno!
367px-Terror-1- Syth is a deadly, dangerous and evil Undead Reaper Boss!!