Hi everyone! I am Emily Darkvane. I am the daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow. Darkvane is really my middle name. So ye want to fight EITC? Ye want to destroy the EITC Lords? Well, you've come to the right Wiki. I am good friends with Lord Lawrence Dagger and EITC rebellion. It all started 9/19/2011. He was discharged of his title which was lord. He told me that he was going to be a pirate and I told him who I really am. I told him that I am a pirate and that I am related to Captain Jack. He didn't hurt me. He said that it's good that I didnt tell him when he WAS East India Trading Co. I've seen him get a bit violent... but he turned out to become a pirate and a really nice person. So now to get to the point.

Me, Lord Lawrence Dagger, and Stormwalker are making a guild to destroy EITC starting with the Lords. Here's the list of pirates lords ( for my crew only ):

Emily Darkvane Sparrow aka me (father shares the title pirate lord of the Caribbean with me)

Angel Darkvane Sparrow my little sister

Sara Deathflame ( my super best friend forever and ever for life )

David McMartain Sparrow (pirate lord)

Lord Lawrence Dagger ( former EITC lord )

Stormwalker (Lord Jeremiah Garland's daughter also an EITC rebellion)

Wizard (Lord Lawrence Dagger's brother and a good friend of mine in the game)

and everyone knows my father the famous Captain Jack Sparrow

The list of EITC Lords can be given. Please meet on Vachira, Abassa, or Cortevos to join and get the Lord's names. Alliances can not be made at this time.

Thank you.

Captain Emily Darkvane Sparrow