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Photo taken in battle against Samuel"s EITC.

The Red Resistance was around in the great war and succeeded against Leon"s and Samuel"s EITC. They fell in the imperial war. They fought well to the end against the EITC and the spanish armies.

Owners of the name:The Red Resistance:Samuel Firehawk ,Richard Treasureswine ,and Halle.

The final battle The Reds were in was when the EITC overran there base Fort charles Fragilles ,as there was lots of casualties for both sides The Reds fell. Later that month Resistance soldiers went and kicked out the EITC troops from Fragilles. It was no problem for the Resistance to overrun them. They captured the mansion they took all ground on that server. They broke through the gates and captured the fort as it was a fight to the last man. EITC was gone from there ,and Samuel Firehawk was pleased from that point ,that he took no prisoners. At that point the Resistance showed the EITC that there was no way forward ,and that the only way was back.