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EITC Clothes found at the EITC Store.

Tortuga is pretty much the same as the New Tortuga is today. One difference is if you go all the way to the Market with the butcher, then you will see a footpath. Follow the foot path, and you get to a large fort, named Fort Empresa. All the enemies of the fort are EITC, from Thugs to Assassins. There is a lvl 20 Mercenary Boss named Tobias Rawjaw there. There is also an EITC Dock there as well, that is you launch your ship from it, you're ship becomes EITC, with EITC colurs and sails. It's a perfect place for members of the EITC to stay. There is also a weapons store that only sells EITC weapons, and a clothes store that sells EITC Clothes.There is also a Secret Navy dock which has high level navy ship workers and gives you a chance to be a navy player