UFA is a weekly event to see what article is the users favorite. There are sets of pages of 3. Users pick one of those 3, and the other two can not be suggested for the next 2 sets. For example:

The three pages chosen for a set are Pirate, Ship, and House. Pirate gets choosen to be the UFA that week, the pages Pirate and Ship can not be suggested for the next two sets.


  1. Do not suggest a page more than twice in the same set.
  2. Only pages, no blogs and such.

This UFA Set:

  1. Please suggest in comments
  2. Please suggest in comments
  3. Please suggest in comments

The page winner will get this banner

CaptainShadow11 was or is selected for the User's Favorite Article


Which page should win?

The poll was created at 19:35 on May 23, 2011, and so far 2 people voted.